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StockRight is a Windows based SaaS application. It captures stock information from public sources and represents record changes on realtime with the help of slick charts, graphs and grids.

The underline framework is built on highly scalable and responsive design structure. Numerous background threads are running to optimize performance between data request and response. In addition, multiple UI region updates are handled by concurrent priority queues. Therefore control transition from background to UI goes smooth and fast.


  • Average load time is 5 sec.
  • Average UI response time from 6 background (region specific) threads to the single UI thread is 1.8 sec.

The dashboard shows:
- A comparison of year, month, day and realtime price record
- A financial chart to show open-close-average price record
- A pie chart for last eight quarters
- Realtime news feed for each company
- Realtime grids to show numerous stock details, such as vol, mktCap, EP, div

>> SaaS - Windwos Azure Service Bus, Table storage (NoSQL) and Worker Service.
>> UI - DevExpress and WPF
>> Architecture and Framework: SOA, MVVM, Prism, Unity,

Note: This release is limited to the following symbols:

"AAPL", "MSFT", "INTC", "YHOO", "ORCL", "GOOG", "ADBE", "DELL" - nasdaq
"IBM", "HPQ", "SNE", "RHT", "SAP" - nyse

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